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In 1832 it was established first Tau Enterprises as a local dealer for trade with surroundings tribes in the southern parts of the Russian Empire, that trade which we can say it's the first beginning of Tau International. And it counties it's trading with of kinds of goods items, foods and small equipments, that were needed for local population.



In 1887 because of the war and conflicts in that area, it was unfortunately closed all kind of trade and business in that area.


After years of operating at international marketing and presents the best-known companies in the world, presently Tau International- TIMA is among the largest regional suppliers of best international products, systems, solutions and servicing a wide range of customers at our region {Middle East Region}.


Along with strong development of international markets, and because the demand on high qualities product, systems and solutions was more and more increasing, TIMA continue focusing on provided high qualities products that met the demand market, resulted from this our company quickly trusted by the customers and developed it's marketing plans to met all it's customers requirements to enable them to end their projects with a high qualities and standards.


TIMA thought is '' Working whole-heartedly for the marketing high qualities products, the best solution to have the best customers''.