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TIMA Information Technologies Division:

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Power Tailor Made (Software):

TIMA prides it self as one of the country’s leading software development company, with its tailor made packages been implemented in various locations both within Jordan and the Region. Those tailor made packages include the following:
- TIMA Financial Modules
- TIMA HR & Payroll Package.
all our software tested under Microsoft Windows.

TIMA IT is a registerd partner for:


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Hardware Department:

 As a major supplier in the market, TIMA has the certified installers who are specialized in building infrastructure of the most well-known products in the market specially:

- Harware Partners:


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Web Development:


Do you have customers that would benefit from ordering from you directly online, bypassing sales personnel and telephone calls? If so, a data -driven site may be just the tool you need. Frankly if you have clients to appease, you may have to meet their demands and also to remain competitive and successful you have to meet this choice, because there are good reasons to do this step:
• You can automate many businesses-to- business communication tasks.
• You can simplify many work-related processes at once by creating one single interface for all accessing, updating, and so.
• Your can give your employees and your.
• Client's immediate and remote access tote information they need
So TIMA offers complete E-solution for your company no matter how large or small your company is, we have a team of highly skilled business-driven common sense approach, with the latest technology such as ASP.NET 3.0 , and SQL server 2008, in addition to e-commerce. Just with one phone call or email you will convert your dreams to reality with us, and increase your sales size.


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Web Design:

The world has become a one stop shopping place for everything you can imagine via the internet. With click of a mouse people will travel all over the world without leaving the comfort of their office or home. The web is accessible world wild but is your business?


So your web site is your ambassador around the world. You don't need hard copies for your company profile, or catalogue for your products, your web site undertakes this.


TIMA does all the works for you from analyzing the data to the complete site online:
• Analyzing your company data.
• Your web site map.
• Graphic design and choosing the colors.
• Building your site & programming.
• Uploading your site.
• Submitting in search engines


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Flash Design:

Using Animation is a modern way to present your company, your products, & your services.
- TIMA helps you to reach your goal by:
- Flash web site design.
- Seminars & presentations.
- CD cards (profile CD.)
- Banners.
- Graphic design:
- Flyer, brochure, Poster.
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Communications Division:

TIMA, is a multi spectral company in the field of high technology, TIMA operates with no limitations. With a firm base of experience TIMA’s ambitions are liberated to encompass a variety of major communications technologies. The following summarizes some of these technologies:

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TIMA other Communication filed:

1- Communication Encryptions.
2- Telecommunications Terminal.
3- Communications Batteries.


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