Marketing Solutions

 TIMA ME Marketing Strategy:

TIMA ME Company believes that benefits of a planned marketing strategy are numerous. Business owners often rely solely on their intuition to make business decisions.







While this informal knowledge is important in the decision making process, it may not provide you with all the facts you need to achieve marketing results. A marketing strategy helps you in defining business goals and develops activities to achieve them, and from this base we give the marketing strategy a great attention.

TIMA ME Company is organized to cater to the needs of all clients by providing them with the right products and solutions and services at a competitive price and best possible delivery.

TIMA ME Company is manned and managed by highly qualified professionals and business administration in various disciplines. Tima Company is backed by a modern computerized data and information which enables all concerned to access and to know the source, marketing, sales and service that will be needed by all our clients, In addition to, because we having a wide sales and distribution network, and Since we paid a very significant importance to distribution and marketing. It is aware that quality products/solutions/services obtain the place it deserves in the market only with the support marketing and promoting. Due to the above basic principles we are becoming at TIMA ME Company from the most importance national companies; cause we have an efficient marketing, expert personnel and a strong distribution network besides the quality product with a competitive prices. Due to above reasons ''TIMA ME'' has become a assured company with assured quality in bulk and packaged both in the home market and in surrounding markets.

  • Promotion Plan

Upon signing the Agency Agreement between TIMA ME Company and the Manufacturer, TIMA ME Company is prepared to submit and or receive a proposal for a promotional/marketing plan to cover the Jordan Market. Such plan is subjected to negotiation and agreement between the two parties. Tima Company will promote, to the best of its ability the principal's products in the territory/territories referred to in the Agreement TIMA ME Company believing that in today's world, shopping is one of the most important necessities in human life. First thing you see about the product when you go to shopping is the package. So that introduction of the product starts with the package and sales continue with the quality of the product. Due to that the Structure of TIMA ME Company consists of two base elements:
 - The First is trying to be solution partner of our customers.
 - The second is to put customer satisfaction at high level by moving them forward

There are many factors make our marketing strategy successful, such as:
  1. Our marketing strategy anticipates and satisfies customer requirements profitably
  2. To achieve the expected results of marketing we consider to promote the right product, in the right place, at the right
      time, and at the right price
  3. Our marketing strategy depends on the answers of these questions:
     - Who are our existing / potential customers?
     - What are their current / future needs?
     - How can we satisfy these needs?
     - Can we communicate with our customers?
         There are several ways an organization can benefit from using public social networks, including:
              • HR recruiting
              • Product marketing
              • Services outreach
              • Promotional applications
              • Market intelligence
   - Can we deliver a competitive product or service?
   - Why should customers buy from us?
 4. we follow an effective marketing management process which give us a clear vision about our situation in the market and can be summarized by:
   i. Analysis/Audit - where are we now?
  ii. Objectives - where do we want to be?
  iii. Strategies - which way is best?
  iv. Tactics - how do we get there?
  v. Implementation - Getting there!
  vi. Control - Ensuring arrival