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     Our Security Solutions:

3cctv    Our security department acts as a trusted advisor and starts with understanding business concerns and requirement, in order to plan and design the solution which including Access Control System, CCTV, DVR system,


Security system and Alarm System, thereby reducing risk and making implementation smoother. Our solutions are backed with our expertise, our vast security experience and our best products.

We are working with the finest, most technologically advanced companies to jointly develop, integrate and optimize solution, technology and services. We understand our providing system is not just another computer system, but one to monitor customer's daily business operation and safeguard customer from unnecessary property loss. We know it is important and we know our offering shall comply with the following:

Time attendance and access controllers Biometrics/Proximity Standalone Access Control (Proximity Card Reader, Hand punch, Fingerprint)


 Hand punch Time attendance.





Fingerprint time attendance.


Card Reader




  Card Reader Time Attendance.


Identifying an individual based on some type of provided information. Verification may be done using methods such as , and information,
Proximity/Fingerprint readers and access controllers

An interconnected set of , managing the entrance and exit of people through .

Digital Video Recording & Surveillance System
Close Circuit Television, used as a security device and also a deterrent around office buildings, stores, campus sites, etc. CCTV cameras will usually have their output recorded onto video tape to enable any suspicious activity to be subsequently reviewed.

3cctv   Remote surveillance system


Digital video recorders



cctv5IP cameras


Electrical Door locks

To control and secure the entrance and exits system


Voice logger system


A voice logger is a device or program used to record audio information from telephones, radios, microphones, and other sources for storage purpose on a computer's hard drive or removable media.


Cost-effective PC-based telephone voice recording system that has features and functions you would expect from more expensive systems. It allows you to reliably manage your telephone system for quality assurance

Burglar alarm system

access control

A combination of "Input Devices" (contacts at doors &

 Windows, Motion Detectors, Dual Detectors,

 Glass Break Detectors, Smoke Detectors etc..), "Processing Unit" (Control Panel) and "Output Devices" (sirens, strobe light, Phone Interface, Smoke Generator, etc..).


walk through

Walk through detectors

Metal Detectors feature selectable security levels, excellent immunity to environmental interference and an extremely high degree of discrimination towards personal effects in order to speed up access control operations.

 Detectors (Handhelds)

Extremely high sensitivity device designed for special applications in penitentiaries and manufacturing industries, and for checking mail and medium-sized packages